The Baseball Desert

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Weeelllll... I didn’t expect to find myself blog-sitting (which, in this internet era, is the online equivalent of baby-sitting or house-sitting), but will gladly keep this little corner of the web alive while Iain enjoys some well-earned rest. There is however but one snag about being left momentarily in charge of a blog about baseball: I don’t really know anything about the subject. Then again, perhaps that will provide the whole appeal of the occasional posts that may filter through to The Baseball Desert in the days to come… it could just be that a bright-eyed, naïve take on the game is precisely what the blog community wants*.

Whatever, there are subjects that are within my grasp. Just cruising through related sites has given me plenty of food for thought… my first trawl has thrown up questions such as who could possibly want to buy those new 18 inch bobbleheads which are now on the market? What uses can there be for them, other than sticking them in your garden and using them as novelty scarecrows? (Which, by the way, is in itself an interesting concept - imagine having a plastic Barry Bonds to keep predatory blue jays at a safe distance from your precious strawberry plants...) And can anyone tell me where I can purchase one of those no-doubt fashionable ‘Ultimate Salary’ caps?

I do however have a couple of subjects that are currently being thoroughly researched by my team of unpaid assistants: the history of the pinstripe, and why going to a baseball game is fun. Do pay a return visit later in the week for the full stories…

*Then again, probably not.