The Baseball Desert

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Has Yankees' GM Brian Cashman lost his mind or has he just been seating out in the bleachers for too long??? The Mets' Armando Benitez in pinstripes???? I don't care if he has converted 90% of his save opportunities over the last three seasons - as soon as he's on the mound in a big-game situation, he's a guaranteed meltdown (Game 1 of the 2000 World Series against the Yankees, anyone?). Sure, he doesn't have to face the Bronx Bombers anymore, but would you want this guy anywhere near the mound in a late September pennant-clincher against the Red Sox...?

The only positive thing that I can see is that he's not going to be the Yankees' closer, but the setup man for Mariano Rivera. Still, the Yankees had better start practicing those eighth and ninth inning comeback victories - I've a feeling they're going to need to pull one or two of them out of the hat between now and the end of September...