The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I've been keeping an eye on the different player trades over the last few weeks, and last night it suddenly struck me that, despite being in a situation where following baseball is not easy (i.e. being English and living for 22 years in the UK, followed by 12 in France), I've managed to do just that for a long time. The thought came to me after reading that the Dodgers had taken a gamble on Rickey Henderson and that the Yankees had signed 46-year-old Jesse Orosco from the Padres. The first baseball I ever saw was highlights of the '86 World Series, where Orosco was on the mound for the final out against the Red Sox, and the next games I saw were during the '88 A's / Dodgers World Series, with Rickey on the field for the A's. It's amazing to think that these guys are still playing major league baseball 17 years on down the line, but it just goes to show you that, whatever your age, there can always be a spot for you in a lineup somewhere, if you can throw the ball over the plate or hit it over the fence.