The Baseball Desert

Monday, August 25, 2003

A's-y does it

The A's yesterday boosted their chances of making the postseason with a 17-2 blowout of the Blue Jays (including two grand-slams - the first time that has happened in the A's 103-year history). Once again, the Division / Wild Card permutations proved to be favourable to the A's - their Wild Card rivals, the Red Sox, won, which means that both clubs are still tied for first place, but Boston's victory came against the Mariners, which allowed the A's to gain ground on Seattle, who are now on a 5-game losing streak and seem to be falling apart. The A's are now just one game behind the Mariners in the AL West, and it promises to be an interesting couple of weeks, as the two clubs have almost identical schedules coming up, with games against the Orioles, the Devil Rays, the Rangers and the Angels. The AL West is most definitely up for grabs.