The Baseball Desert

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Grand Central

Things are getting tighter by the day in the two Central divisions. In the NL, the top three teams are separated by just one game, and in the AL, it's even closer - the White Sox and the Royals are tied for first place, and the Twins are just half a game behind. It's weird, but after 120+ games, the two divisions are almost mirror images of each other:

1st place: White Sox (66-61) / Astros (66-60)
2nd place: Royals (65-60) / Cubs (65-60)
3rd place: Twins (65-61) / Cardinals (65-61)

I'm keeping with my new 'no forecasts' rule - I'm happy just watching the division races unfold, without trying to predict who's actually going to win them. However, there is a good piece on about the Cubs' chances. I read that and an old Beach Boys' song came to mind: "Wouldn't it be nice...?"...