The Baseball Desert

Monday, August 25, 2003

Nothing to add

There's really nothing I can say about Bobby Bonds' death that hasn't already been said. has a good collection of reactions from the world of baseball, whilst USA Today / Baseball Weekly's Ian O'Connor has some interesting thoughts on the Bobby Bonds / Barry Bonds father / son relationship.

The one little detail that I did pick up on (because it's just the kind of useless piece of trivia that the Baseball Desert loves) is that the pitcher who gave up Bobby Bonds' last major-league home run - on 24 Sep 1981 - is still playing in the major leagues! Yankees' reliever Jesse Orosco - now 46 - was in just his second major league season (with the Mets) when he gave up that home run to Bonds in a Cubs / Mets game 22 years ago...