The Baseball Desert

Friday, August 15, 2003

The Wild Card see-saw continues: the Phillies' win, coupled with the Marlins' loss, allowed them to move back to first place in the NL race, whilst the Red Sox - powered by Manny Ramirez's ninth-inning game-tying home run - came from behind to beat the A's and regain control in the AL Wild Card race. The Sox just don't seem to want to roll over and die as they have done in previous seasons.

Meanwhile, over in the NL, the Astros seem to be going through a mini-collapse. They've lost three straight games, and, unfortunately for them, all three games were against the ballclub right behind them in the standings, the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are now just a 1/2 game behind the Astros AND the Cardinals, who are in a tie for first place.

Hang on a second.... The Red Sox AND the Cubs still going strong in mid-August?? - I must be daydreaming. I guess I should finish up here at work and go and have a nice long nap...