The Baseball Desert

Thursday, September 25, 2003


Best baseball moment from yesterday's games? The Astros' Billy Wagner striking out Barry Bonds with a 101-mph fastball with the game on the line (Houston leading 2-1, top of the ninth, Bonds coming up as a pinch-hitter and representing the tying run). I couldn't even follow the trajectory of the ball on my computer screen, let alone try to imagine standing up there at the plate trying to hit the thing. Great moment, though - out of the tens of thousands of game situations that occur every season, there are always one or two that stand out, and this will probably be one of Houston's, if they manage to leapfrog over the Cubs into the playoffs. You have to tip your hat to Houston manager Jimy Williams for refusing to walk Bonds (and thus let the winning run come to the plate) and letting Wagner challenge him with his best blazing fastball.

Houston is still one game back of Chicago in the NL Central. The fat lady ain't singing yet...