The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Montreal Expos-ed

The Expos are just about hanging in there in the NL Wild Card race (they're four games back), but they really need to put together some wins on the road if they're going to mount a serious challenge between now and the end of September. At home, the Expos are 46-23, but when they hit the road, they're 25-46 - only Tampa Bay, Detroit and Colorado have less wins on the road than the Expos (the Devil Rays and the Tigers are just not very good, and the Rockies seem to have trouble in ballparks that are not at altitude...).

Montreal has 22 games left to play - 10 on the road, and 12 at home, although 6 of those 12 'home' games will be played in Puerto Rico. I guess if they don't make the playoffs, they can at least take comfort in the thought of all those lovely air miles they've racked up over the summer...