The Baseball Desert

Monday, September 29, 2003

One last thing

Before we hit playoff cruising speed, there was just one thing that bothered me a little from yesterday's games. This is a bit like that age-old debate as to whether it's OK to break up a no-hitter with a bunt - here, the question is: are the Padres playing to win the game (admittedly not to win their division, but at least to go out at Qualcomm Park with a bang), or are they playing to give Colorado's Todd Helton a shot at the NL batting-title?. If walking Helton in that situation gives you a better shot at winning the game, then I say you walk him, because once you start skating on the very thin ice of personal stats vs. (or in preference to) team performance / victory, it's only a matter of time before you get very cold and wet.

Well, anyway, that's my opinion - you play the game to win, not to pad anyone's personal stats.

OK, end of rant - let's get on with these playoffs!