The Baseball Desert

Monday, September 29, 2003

One more win

Roger Clemens won his 310th career game in Yankee Stadium on Saturday (see post below), but his regular season wasn't quite over. Yesterday, Clemens chalked up career win #1 as manager of the Yankees! Joe Torre traditionally hands over the reins to one of his players for the final game of each season, and yesterday, it was Clemens' turn. He got appointed manager on the right day, too - yesterday saw David Wells win his 200th career game. All I got to see on was Clemens checking the line-up card in the dugout before the game and Yankee CF Bernie Williams exchanging line-up cards at home-plate and going over the ground rules with the umpires, but I would love to have seen Clemens going out to the mound in the eighth inning to take Boomer out of the game. Five hundred career wins on the mound - a nice sight...