The Baseball Desert

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Cubs RIP

What can I say? The Cubs were up 3 games to 1 in the NLCS (then 3-2) and they sent their top two pitchers to the mound in Games 6 and 7 and still couldn't get that one win against the Marlins. Sure, they got some bad breaks, but the bottom line is that they were beaten over seven games by the better team.

I know that the thought of a Yankees / Marlins or a Red Sox / Marlins World Series is maybe not going to appeal to everyone, but I like the way these guys play the game, I like the way Jack McKeon has brought the group together and taken them from 11 games under .500 to a World Series appearance, I like their stars in the making (Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis) and their star in the re-making (Ivan Rodriguez). Whoever wins Game 7 of the ALCS tonight is going to find that the Marlins will give them a run for their money. There's some good baseball in store over the next ten days or so.