The Baseball Desert

Friday, October 24, 2003

Fantasy baseball

This was part of an e-mail sent to me by a fellow inhabitant of the baseball desert (a French baseball fan living in Germany), which pretty much sums up this wild rollercoaster of a postseason:

OK - now I gotta look like a jerk. [Yankees win the Series] 4-1 or 4-2 I said? Anyhow, I don't care who wins. I like Pudge, Beckett, Cabrera, and young teams. I also like Clemens. So I just hope there's gonna be a game 7, Beckett against Clemens in relief. Scary. Greatest game 7 ever. Game tied, bottom of the 14th, Jeter is being taken out of the game after 5 GIDP. He still hit a walkoff homer in the bottom of the 10th of game 6 to give the Yankees another late heroic win. Jeter is now officially named "Mr October" by Bud Selig and his number is retired, but only for the post-season. Meanwhile he is replaced by Luis Sojo, Soriano by Clay Bellinger, Contreras by David Cone, and Giambi by Scott Brosius. Tino Martinez is warming up in the bullpen. You say they can't be on the Playoff roster? George of the Baseball Jungle just bought this right (and the Expos at the same time). One just can't have enough veteran presence and leadership.

He may have a point - who knows where this Series is going to take us next?