The Baseball Desert

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Fightin' at Fenway

Did somebody say 'tense'?

After Pedro hit the Yankees' Karim Garcia with a pitch, Manny Ramirez over-reacted to a pitch from Roger Clemens which he thought was inside. Manny was clearly looking for a reason to go after Clemens, as replays show that the pitch was high but pretty much over the plate - he started yelling at Clemens, the benches cleared and Don Zimmer ended up getting shoved to the floor by Pedro in the ensuing ruckus. To be fair to Martinez, it looked like Zimmer - who was annoyed at Pedro's gestures to the Yankee bench after the Garcia incident - was going after Pedro. As for Zimmer, he might be 72 years old and 'just' the Yankees' bench coach, but he's not lost any of his intensity as regards the game. I don't know what he thought he was going to do to Martinez, but full marks to him for getting 'involved'...

It's the bottom of the seventh, and the Red Sox are still down 4-2 - the incident doesn't seem to have ignited Boston in any positive way. Clemens is done for the day, but the Yankees have Jose Contreras on the mound - big pressure situation for the Cuban pitcher.