The Baseball Desert

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Go figure

There are certain moments during a ballgame when you know that you'll never be able to fully understand or predict anything in this game. Atlanta's Mike Hampton gave up two runs in the first inning against the Cubs, then loaded the bases and then proceeded to strike out the next six batters he faced.

Hampton has settled into a good rhythm, as has the Cubs' Carlos Zambrano - it looks like it could be a good game down in Atlanta, but this baseball fan is gonna have to hit the sack if he wants to make it through tomorrow in one piece. I can't complain - I saw a good gme earlier this evening between the Giants and the Marlins (who used seven pitchers to get through the game, including starters Carl Pavano and Dontrelle Willis - good to see Florida manager Jack McKeon making surprising but effective moves to help his team stay in the series...).

I'm out of here - will be back later today with an update on the games, particularly that big Game 1 between the Red Sox and the A's down in Oakland.