The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


I need to stop reading Alex Belth's Bronx Banter - there's too much good stuff on there and too little time to read it. Today's post linked to about a million things to read on the Web, but I only got as far as the second link (to a column in the New York Daily News).

If there's one thing that bothers me more than people complaining about the Series being dull, it's the view that the Yankees somehow deserve better than the Florida Marlins. I love the Yankees' history and lore and tradition, but this sort of navel-gazing really annoys me. Yeah, the Marlins have a hot-tub in right field and the Marlin Mermaids during the seventh-inning stretch, but seriously, who gives a s**t? The Marlins are not in the Series on the merits of their ballpark or their mascot or their eleven-year history - they're there because they played great baseball over the second half of the season and then beat the Giants and the Cubs (both of whom, I suppose, John Harper would see as more worthy adversaries of the mighty New York Yankees) in the playoffs.

I didn't really have any preference regarding the winner of this World Series until I read the article, but now I do.

So, with all due respect to the Yankee fans out there: Go Marlins!!!