The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The one that got away

Cubs fans are probably still in shock after last night's Game 6 loss to the Marlins. Depending on how you see things, the Cubs lost the game because of a fan trying to catch a foul-ball or because Alex Gonzalez made an uncharacteristic error at shortstop or because Dusty Baker made the wrong moves (not taking Prior out of the game earlier, issuing two intentional walks). Whether it's any one of these factors, or some combination of the three, the result is the same - 8 runs scored by the Marlins at a time when they were just five outs from being eliminated from the NLCS.

Since I didn't see the game and since blogging time is at a premium today, I'll let ESPN's Jayson Stark describe how the game unfolded and how the Cubs fell apart.

I've said all along that I'd like to see the Cubs in the World Series (along with the Red Sox, although the Yankees' David Wells did his bit yesterday to ensure that Boston won't be getting a shot at their dream), but I don't live and die with the Cubs. So, as a fan of the game, I have to say that the prospect of a Game 7 between the Cubs and the Marlins is mouthwatering. So far, the playoffs in general - and this series in particular - have thrown up so many unbelievable moments that I feel greedy asking for more, but for tonight's game, I almost don't need to. Whatever the outcome of Game 7, this particular fan will be happy - by tomorrow morning, either the Cubs will have booked a historic spot in the World Series or the Marlins will have achieved an almost impossible comeback. It's win-win for me, but, having been through the situation many times with my hometown soccer team, I can also sympathise with the passion and heartache over at The Cub Reporter...