The Baseball Desert

Thursday, October 16, 2003


No, not BA or ERA or W-L or OBP, but CSSA (Championship Series Sleep Average). These are my sleep stats for the past week:

Saturday - 4 hours
Sunday - 4 hours
Monday - 5 hours
Tuesday - 4 hours
Wednesday - 2.5 hours

which works out at a CSSA of 3.9 hours. Given that I am having dinner with friends tonight (which removes the possibility of me being rested in the bullpen ready for the big game), if I decide to catch Game 7 of the ALCS (and God knows, I'm tempted - how could I miss this one?), I'll have a second consecutive 2-hour night, which would bring my CSSA down to a borderline-crazy 3.58...

But...but...this is Pedro vs. Rocket, in the House That Ruth Built (you remember Ruth, right? The Red-Sox-pitcher-turned-Yankee-slugger-and-greatest-ballplayer-of-all-time (and source of the legendary Curse of the Bambino)) - Clemens could be pitching his last-ever major league game, Pedro is going to be going up against not only 10 Yankees but 50,000+ wild Yankee fans who will be taunting him for his part in last Saturday's Fenway fracas, Boston could finally put to rest the famous curse...

Who am I kidding, with my oh-so-reasonable questions about getting enough sleep? I'll be there, because if I'm not, I know I'll end up regretting it...