The Baseball Desert

Friday, November 14, 2003

Strawberry, Mel shake

(It's Friday afternoon and it's been a long, hard week, so apologies for the terrible pun on this one...)

Agreements have been reached in New York... The news is that despite George Steinbrenner (in the first case) and because of George Steinbrenner (in the second case) Mel Stottlemyre and Darryl Strawberry will be part of the Yankees organisation next year. Stottlemyre's decision to stay could be a factor in Andy Pettitte's "should I stay or should I go?" dilemma, whilst Strawberry is being given yet another chance by Steinbrenner to prove that he has turned his life around.

Steinbrenner was quoted as saying: "Our young players will learn from his knowledge and talents as a ballplayer as well as from the mistakes he has made," said Steinbrenner Thursday. "I will not turn my back on a man who has failed and is doing everything possible to turn his life around."

Do as I say and not as I do...