The Baseball Desert

Monday, November 03, 2003

Sweet dreams are made of this

Left field is where Manny "Can't Even Give Me Away" Ramirez plays, but it's also where Bob Klapisch has gone looking for his wild idea for a trade that might solve some problems for the Red Sox and the Yankees. (The link might require you to register, but the article is worth the ten seconds it takes...).

I love the crazy speculation that the offseason brings with it - it's a time to dream of impossible trades, fantasy lineups (A-Rod going to Boston is another rumour I like right now...) and endless possibilities. Expectations are obviously lower in Tampa Bay and Detroit than they are in, say, New York or Boston, but fans all over the country are hoping that their team can put together just the right mixture of players to take it to a World Series title / win its division / have a winning season / lose less games than last season (delete as appropriate).