The Baseball Desert

Friday, August 27, 2004

Out of character

Are my eyes playing tricks or me, or is there really a buoyant sense of optimism washing over Red Sox Nation right now?

Since harbingers of good fortune are not restricted to card-carrying members of RSN, I thought I'd chip in with my own omen from earlier this week: for months I've been desperately scanning the shelves of my local supermarket, hoping for the return of one of my favourite beverages, which they'd stopped stocking, but to no avail. And then on Monday, for no apparent reason, Samuel Adams was back. Could the spontaneous re-appearance of Boston Lager in my local suburban French supermarket right around the time the Red Sox start winning again be a mere coincidence? I think not. Years from now Red Sox Nation will look back and remember this day as "The Day Sam Adams Won The Series"...