The Baseball Desert

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Under the radar

Greg Maddux will pitch today at Wrigley Field against the Giants and make his second attempt to get career win #300. Since it's San Francisco that's in town, the focus is on the potential matchup with Barry Bonds, but Maddux, characteristically, is playing that down:
"You're trying to win," [Maddux] said. "If the game's on the line, yeah, you walk him. He's really easy to pitch to because, if it matters, you walk him. It's easier than trying to get him out."
As people finally start to make a big deal of Maddux's imminent milestone,'s Mark Kreidler has a good article on why Maddux's quest for his 300th win has gone almost unnoticed.

With a time difference of 6-9 hours (depending on the time-zone of the game), the MLB schedule doesn't always work in my favour, but today it looks like it should work out perfectly for me, as the Cubs / Giants is a 4:05pm (ET) start, which is a very reasonable 10:05pm start over here in The Baseball Desert.

Update: The game isn't at Wrigley - it's in San Francisco - but all the rest still stands.