The Baseball Desert

Friday, August 27, 2004

Wall of Fame

For someone like myself who is physically far-removed from the game, baseball can easily become a sport of big names and personalities. As much as I try to appreciate what is going on on the field and keep tabs on all thirty teams, there are certain names that tend to dominate: A-Rod, Pedro, Bonds, Sheffield, Clemens, Pudge, Vlad, etc.

However, having watched the highlight reels for a couple of years now, the journeyman once-a-week outfielder inside me would like to turn the spotlight on a few guys who get the job done 300 feet from home plate day after day, with little fuss or fanfare, so I've created the Baseball Desert 'Wall of Fame'. The pictures hanging on the wall may change from time to time, but if you want to see some great defense, check out the three guys on the right.