The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Great Scott!

There is a certain irony in the Red Sox' defeat last night - a team that had had the hottest five-week stretch you could imagine suddenly loses back-to-back games to the for the first time since early August. And to whom do they lose the games? Seattle and Tampa Bay... Still, there's no need to hit the panic button just yet, provided that the Red Sox can get their act together over the remaining two games of the series and get into a New York state of mind before the showdown in the Bronx this weekend.

I'm sure that Boston's loss elicited two completely different reactions in New York last night: the Yankees - even though they're not looking over their shoulder - must have been happy to see Boston lose ground in the divisional race; the Mets, on the other hand, must have read Scott Kazmir's pitching line (IP 6, H 3, R 0, ER 0, BB 3, SO 9) and wondered why they ever let him go.