The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Men Behaving Bradley

Milton Bradley lost it again last night in another regrettable incident. I agree with Dodger Thoughts' opinion on the subject:
The fan who threw the bottle is the villain. The criminal. The stadium security appeared inadequate. But Milton Bradley needs to learn to let the authorities deliver punishment on his behalf. He has more to lose. It frustrates me and breaks my heart all at once.
There was no excuse for what Bradley did, since he knows - particularly after the last incident - that he needs to control his temper, but the 'fan' who threw the bottle should be banned from Dodger Stadium for life.

I thought California was a laid-back state of sea and sunshine, but it appears I was wrong: A's fans get on Frank Francisco's case and that ends up with him throwing a chair into the stands; the Angels' Jose Guillen throws a tantrum that gets him suspended by his own club for the rest of the season; and now we have Bradley's second outburst of the season. What's wrong with California? Is it their new governer? Is it something they're putting in the water? The Baseball Desert demands an answer...