The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The shape of things to come

The postseason is starting to take shape - the Cardinals 'clinched' their division title last night, as did the Twins (for the third straight year). Despite watching their rivals clinch a title they believed might be theirs back in April, the White Sox were magnanimous in defeat. White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had this to say:
"When you have a team that shows up every day and performs like they do, they should be proud of themselves because I know how to be prepared to be in that position. I know how hard you work to get to the postseason. [...] Ronny [Gardenhire, the Twins manager] did a better job than me and that's why he's there. I have no regrets, but believe me, I will think about what we did wrong and think about how we can get better. I guarantee I see myself winning with the White Sox."
Update: Batgirl weighs in with a fan's view of the Twins' division title, and has one or two choice words for the White Sox (thanks to Baseball Musings for the link).