The Baseball Desert

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Breakfast baseball

It began at 4am and ended just as I was finishing up my toast and coffee around 8 o'clock, but I don't feel that tired because it was a great win. In fact, I was so happy about the victory that I didn't even throw a nervous fit when my Internet connection went down in the middle of the Red Sox' crucial seventh inning rally. It came back in time for me to see Pedro close out a fine performance which ought to lay to rest any doubts about the kind of form he's in.

I think we can safely say that I'm now officially off the "fan of the game" fence - I was leaping around the living-room by the time the Red Sox got a little 'Orlando Magic' in the ninth to put the game out of the Angels' reach. There were other games played last night (the Astros took Game 1 against the Braves and the Yankees squared the series against the Twins), but right now it's a case of "Yeah, right, so when's the next Red Sox game?" The answer is "Friday night", which means that despite the fact that some good games could be played tonight, today is officially a rest day for me - the laptop stays in the office and I'll spend my evening chilling out, watching something other than baseball and just recharging the batteries for Game 3 at Fenway on Friday.