The Baseball Desert

Friday, October 29, 2004

The final word

Well, actually, possibly not the final word, but I felt that no celebration of the Red Sox' World Series victory would be complete without a word from one of the funniest sportswriters out there (and self-confessed member of Red Sox Nation), Bill Simmons. His latest column is a running diary of Game 4, which contains some real gems.

On Scott Rolen (who had a terrible Series):
Thank God for Scott Rolen -- he just stranded Womack on third to end the first. Even Ben Affleck isn't in this big of a slump.

Rolen flies out to right, then gets taken in a hearse to the local morgue.

On the Cardinals in general:

Yep. Mabry strikes out, followed by Black Sheep Molina grounding out to end the inning. You know what? It's not happening for the Cards. It's just not. They should just put on Finland's 1980 hockey uniforms and get it over with. At the rate they're going, they may not even get 10 minutes in the Red Sox World Series DVD.
On the extremely Cardinal-oriented (and, more importantly, extremely irritating) Fox coverage of the game:
Our announcers for tonight: Joe Buck (son of the famous Cards announcer) and Tim McCarver (longtime Cardinals catcher). Why not just go the whole way and have Ozzie Smith, Whitey Herzog and Dizzy Dean as sideline reporters? And where's Al Leiter? Did McCarver have him liquidated?

After Womack's leadoff hit over Cabrera's head, [Fox analyst Tim] McCarver claimed that Cabrera "jumped too soon," was proven wrong by the replay, then continued to discuss the dangers of "jumping too soon." I love when announcers refuse to admit they were wrong despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This is exactly how I would announce games. You can't let little things like facts and indisputable evidence get in the way of your points. You just can't.
And my own personal favourite (as someone who jumped on the Sox bandwagon as it got rolling last season):
Following a Ramirez single, Fox shows Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore wearing Red Sox sweatshirts and clapping excitedly. I wish I was actually driving the Red Sox Bandwagon right now, just so I could screech to a halt, whirl around, point to them and scream, "Get off! RIGHT NOW! I mean it! Get off! Move it! Gather your things and GET OFF!"
I'll leave it at that, before I quote the whole article - just go and read it.