The Baseball Desert

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Go figure

All I can say is: "Merde...!" This was supposed to be the Yankees' weakest starting rotation in ages, and a lot of people said Boston had a good chance to beat New York, yet here the Red Sox are, headed back to Fenway down 0-2.

I don't understand why (outside of "the Yankees scored more runs in both games"), so I'm not going to try to analyse the situation. The Sox are down, but not out - they proved over the regular season that they can claw their way out of tough situations, so all I'm going to do is hope that the rest day is going to do them as much good as it is me. By tomorrow night we (that's the royal 'we' - me and the Red Sox) will be raring to go. The Empire has struck back - we now await with baited breath the return of the Jedi.