The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Schill factor

The Globe's Gordon Edes examines the Red Sox on the eve of the opening game against the Angels and comes to the conclusion that Curt Schilling is the reason the Red Sox should keep the faith.

The Internet-savvy Schilling expresses the same idea himself over at the Sons of Sam Horn message board where he opens the game day thread. Schilling (gehrig38) - whose post has the telling title "Game One of the Real Season" - has this to say:
"Why not us? There is no reason the last team standing can't be us, you know it, we know it. Now is the time to go out and prove to ourselves, the fans, the game, how good of a team we are. If 25 guys believe that what we are after is the most important thing in their lives for 4 weeks, there is _nothing_ that can't be done. Figured I may as well start one game thread this year, considering that coming in here and reading them is sometimes more entertaining than any movie you could see, and often times more entertaining than the game itself."
It's unlikely that today's game thread will be more entertaining than the Red Sox' biggest game of the season so far, but you can see why Red Sox Nation loves this guy.