The Baseball Desert

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Busy schedule

Now, you can call me anal-retentive (or Al, for short), but given that I'm not going to crack the starting rotation in Boston - or in fact anywhere - next year (mainly due to the fact that I'm an out-of-shape thirtysomething who throws about the same speed as his eight-year-old daughter) nor am I likely to get offered a GM's job (too damn old), I think that this is definitely a job I would have liked a shot at.

The thought of trying to juggle 162-game schedules for 30 different teams spread out over 28 cities and 6 divisions is mind-blowing - it's like the ultimate jigsaw puzzle - but there must be an immense feeling of satisfaction when a plan comes together.

If the Sports Scheduling Group doesn't make the grade, I'll get on the phone to Bud Selig to see if he'll give me a chance. Our first phone conversation will go something like this:

"So, Bud, since we're still looking to increase baseball's popularity outside the US, I suggest we schedule a Yankees / Red Sox game overses on Opening Day... Yeah, I know the Yankees weren't happy with Japan last year, so I'm thinking something more manageable...Erm, no, I don't think Fidel would be open to marketing Los Yanquis in Havana...I was thinking a little further east, Europe maybe?...Do I have any good ideas as to the city? Ermmmmm...I dunno - lemme think for a second. How about Paris?"