The Baseball Desert

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dedicated follower of fashion

For the first time that I can remember I experienced a rare sighting this morning - as I was changing trains just outside of Paris, I saw someone wearing a replica baseball jersey. This may not sound like a big deal to those of you on the other side of the Atlantic, but believe me, it is. It was even more surprising because the jersey in question wasn't a 'high-profile' Yankees or Mets jersey - it was a Cincinnati Reds jersey, complete with Junior's name and number on the back. Coming across something like that in the suburbs of Paris is somewhat akin to coming across someone in Ohio wearing a Racing Club de Lens shirt.

I was very curious, and I wanted to stop the guy in question and ask how he came to be wearing the jersey, but there were hundreds of people around rushing to catch their trains, so it wouldn't have been easy. Plus, he was a biiiig guy, and you never know how someone might react when you stop them in a public place to talk a little baseball.

Hopefully next week - if the shop gets its act together - I'll be the guy wearing the shirt. So if you see someone on the train outside Paris wearing this particular jersey:

it'll probably be me, so stop and say hi...