The Baseball Desert

Friday, January 28, 2005

Rainy days and Fridays

There's no sunshine for miles around and no baseball in store for weeks, but thanks to the magic of I was able to conjure up both at lunchtime with a click of my mouse.

I could have gone for one of the season's big games, but having watched the ALCS and World Series games several times during the offseason, I think I'm just about big-game'd-out for the moment. That made the selection process very easy: pick a random date (July 25), then a random game (Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh) and just sit down and let the innings unfold.

I didn't get to the end of the game, and I wasn't even following the score that closely, but, to be honest, I didn't really care. For me, right now, it was somewhat akin to Spring Training baseball, where the content matters far less than the form. It was a pressure-free ballgame in a great ballpark and I got what I came for - a connection with the summer game.

There was, however, just one little cloud to my silver lining, and that was the throwback uniforms. I like the idea of baseball connecting with its heritage, but when that means players wearing these, I'm suddenly not so sure. My only consolation is that it could have been a lot, lot worse...