The Baseball Desert

Friday, January 14, 2005

Research assistant needed

I'm no expert, but if previous form is anything to go by, this is not necessarily the smartest move the Braves could make. Maybe Mondesi has undergone a total personality change in the offseason. And maybe I'll be the Red Sox 5th starter in 2005.

Actually, looking at what the Braves are reported to be offering Mondesi, I'm not going to call them and offer to be their new research assistant - I'm going to call them and offer to be their starting right fielder. I'll tell them that I'll play for 20% of what Mondesi will be getting, with the added bonus that I'll actually turn up to play every day.

I wish no ill on the Braves, but if this deal goes through, it's an accident waiting to happen. Watch this space for more news...

Update: The Braves have issued an official "Whoa - hold your horses!" press release. My situation remains unchanged, though - I'm still available to play ;-)