The Baseball Desert

Monday, March 14, 2005

Same movie, different actors

There are some new faces on board over at The Cub Reporter. John Hill is a man after my own heart - when I read his first post, "Men in Pyjamas", it was a little bit like looking in the mirror:
Don’t ask me to explain just why then I watched the final five games of the [2002] series too; I can’t. Maybe I wanted to see who won in the end, but I don’t remember really caring either way. Maybe I was more intrigued than I’d care to admit, but I certainly didn’t miss baseball as that off-season set in. In fact, I hardly gave it a thought; I was far too enveloped in football (you know, the one actually involving feet), rugby and cricket, the typical English sporting diet, to notice its absence, or even its return the following spring. The post-season rolled around again though, and inexplicably I watched again, and the weariness and the apathy faded faster than those Cub hopes and dreams. Just as in the only moment I can actually remember from that first series between the Angels and Giants, there was sweeping off feet involved. I was a baseball fan then, a Cub fan within months, obsessed beyond repair only a few months after that, and now here I am.
"Obsessed beyond repair"? This is great stuff - go check out the new kid on the block.