The Baseball Desert

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The enemy within

My daughters have not as yet caught the baseball bug, but they do like to watch the games on MLB.TV, albeit with limited understanding of the rules (we're just starting on explanations of how you know it's a strike or a ball). Although their tactical understanding is limited, their understanding of baseball allegiances is fairly sharp, and they know who I'm rooting for: les Red Sox...

However, sibling rivalry almost guaranteed that as soon as one of them decided to pledge her allegiance to my team, the other one would go in the opposite direction, just as they do when England play France at rugby or soccer. Which means that we had this scene at the dinner-table this evening:

Image hosted by
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(Note the intense concentration on the ballgame in both cases. "Camera? What camera?")

As we all mutually brought each other up to speed on major world events and the high points of the DVD they watched this afternoon, conversation finally turned to last night's Red Sox / Yankees game [translated from the original French by yours truly]:

Zoé: So who won last night - was it the Red Sox?
Me: Well, they almost won, but ended up losing 4-3 right at the end...
Laura: Yes!! The Yankees won! The Yankees won!
Zoé: Shut up! [she clearly gets her stunning repartee from her father]
Laura: Ha-ha - The Yankees won!
Zoé: Daddy - Laura's annoying me. I think that since she's a Yankees fan we should just stop talking to her...

Is it too early to get her one of those 'Kid Nation' memberships?

Update: Zoé, of course, will get to exact her revenge at breakfast tomorrow.