The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"Big-time ugly"

That was the phrase Jerry Remy used to describe last night's game against the A's, but for once, ugly worked out in favour of the Red Sox.

Oakland needs to have a word with Coliseum sponsors McAfee to see whether they can't come up with a revolutionary Anti-Walk / Error software - last night Barry Zito gave up 7 walks in 5 innings (out of a total of 11) and the A's committed two crucial errors to allow the Red Sox back into the game. I'm no NESN analyst, but even I know that an 8th inning that goes HBP, BB, BB, K, E, 1B (+E), K, K (4 runs given up on just 1 hit) is not the best way to win a ballgame.

The late start-time of games on the West Coast (10pm ET / 4am CET) means I don't usually get to see much baseball action, but this morning I had the unexpected pleasure of being able to catch the last three innings of the game - including Renteria's game-winning hit - over breakfast. Tonight is better still: a 12.35pm start on the West Coast, which is a very user-friendly 9.35pm for me. MLB.TV? Best thing since sliced bread...