The Baseball Desert

Monday, May 30, 2005

You're Wellcome...

It's tough to make a personal contribution to a team's fortunes when you're stuck on another continent, but I'd like to claim some of the credit for David Wells' sparkling effort last night against the Yankees.

I thought long and hard about leaving Wells in my fantasy rotation over the weekend, but decided that I didn't want to take the risk after his last couple of starts. Of course I was forgetting about Murphy's Law of Fantasy Baseball, which goes something like this:
A pitcher's performance in real life will vary in inverse proportion to the faith you have in him on your fantasy team.
I usually get frustrated when this happens, but since I was having a terrible week anyway, I'm willing to take one for the (real) team.

The Numbers Game

I didn't see the broadcast of the game, so I was puzzled to see photos of Wells wearing #16, but it appears he traded his old number (3) to red-hot Edgar Renteria, who ended up adding almost 30 points to his batting average with a 10-for-12 series.