The Baseball Desert

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Called shot

Big Papi called it yesterday, and today Manny did his 'thang' - his 19th career grand slam. I didn't see the game, but a glance at box score tells me that was proabably no bad thing. I'm guessing this is how it went: Sox took a nice big lead by whacking the ball all over the place, Embree came in and did his 'thang' too (apparently aided and abetted by Timlin, who got the now trademarked BS, W after his name) and Foulke closed it out before it got any hairier. Another day at the office in Red Sox Nation...

Still, the Sox are 9-1 over their last 10 games, 6-0 for the road trip and now have a nice little 7-game winning streak going, to coincide nicely with a 5-game losing streak by the Orioles. All we need now is for the Big Unit to go all flaccid and allow the Mets to sweep the series at Yankee Stadium and it will be a perfect day.