The Baseball Desert

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Just what the doctor ordered

The Red Sox avoided the sweep and finally started to look like a real baseball team with a gem of a game from David Wells.

I was looking forward to watching Wells' effort during my lunch-break, but I was let down by's Condensed Game feature. I don't know whether it's or the respective TV networks that do the condensing, but it vary immensely from game to game. The Nationals' victory over the A's had almost every out and significant hit, but all I seemed to get from the Boston game was a series of two-out plays - not the best way to savour Wells' performance.

The Sox now head to Wrigley for a series against the Cubs, which - for no other reason than aesthetics - I'm looking forward to. Baseball at Wrigley Field always looks great, just like it does at Fenway, and the Cubs' insistence on playing a high percentage of their games in the daytime not only makes it look even better, but also allows me to see the games live, rather than condensed down to almost nothing at all.