The Baseball Desert

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Matty 'n' Manny Show

I knew it was going to be a good day when I woke up and saw the sun streaming through the windows here in the rain capital of the known universe, and I was right.

Clement was lights-out - again - and Manny looks like he's back in his groove. He's still not back to his career levels, but those who see him play every day are not worried. Big Papi had this to say:
"Dude, I told you, 'Don't worry about Manny. Manny's a professional hitter. When you take those 400 homers he has and the .300 or something average he has lifetime, it's not coming out of nowhere. Dude, the guy's gonna hit. I don't worry about Manny. I don't care what people say. 'Oh, Manny's hitting .250, .240.' So, is [the season] over? It's not over yet."
And just in case Boston's 6th straight win wasn't enough good news, the Orioles lost, the Nationals won and the Mets beat the Yankees for the second straight game. Aaaaah - the little things in life, eh?