The Baseball Desert

Friday, June 10, 2005

Miracle workers

You know that you're having a good season when the hometown press describes your starter as "lumpy", says that your backup-to-the-backup second baseman's "nimblest days have long since passed by" and you're still top of the National League East, having won your seventh straight game.

Livan Hernandez once again came through big for the Nationals, pitching 8 innings and running his record for the season to 9-2. I have to confess that, despite the "everything's OK" reports about Livan, I worry about him imploding one of these days. As I've said before, he is a workhorse, but if he keeps running up pitch counts of 120+, he's going to end up in trouble. Still, looking on the bright side, he is doing wonders not only for his ballclub, but also for my fantasy team. In fact, the Hernandez family is making me look like a smart manager (for once) - I have them both in my rotation, and so far they have a combined record of 16-3, with a 3.84 ERA.

I'm expecting the call from Billy Beane any day now...