The Baseball Desert

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Wrigley (revisited)

It goes without saying that the whole "Wrigley is beautiful" thing is a little bit dependent on your team winning the game, which didn't happen yesterday. The Sox got beaten up so badly that it started to look like they'd turned up in the middle of batting practice - even Greg Maddux cashed in on the BP feeling, hitting his first home run since 1999.

I don't like losing, but the blow is slightly softened by the fact that I quite like the Cubs - it's not like losing a blowout to the Yankees. All the same, I 'd just like to give a little pep talk to the Sox, notably the pitchers:

Guys - it's bad enough that you have to go up there and hit in these interleague games (and I use the word 'hit' in the loosest possible way, i.e. standing at the plate with the bat in your hands), but please don't make things worse by giving up home runs to the opposing pitchers. Zambrano's on the mound today, and he's hitting .233 this year - I don't want to see him circling the bases with his 4th career home run, OK? Thanks, and have a good series...