The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

For Love Of The Game

This announcement was great news - I'm all for anything than can make baseball a truly international game. Sadly, not everyone holds the same opinion.

I wasn't particularly looking for yet another reason to dislike Sheffield, but it looks like I've found one all the same. Representing your country should be an honour - and apparently it is for many players - but not for Sheffield. And why not? Because the tournament is "something that's made up"...

Hey, Gary - guess what? Your lame excuse really doesn't wash - they didn't play baseball in ancient Greece, and they didn't play baseball at the modern Olympics until 1992, so by that token it's all made up.

Sheffield gave us his usual 'straight-talking guy' line:
"A lot of guys feel that way. They won't say it like I will, though," he added.
Well, here's how I feel, Sheff. Straight, no chaser:

F*ck you and your $13m salary. I hope you have a lot of fun representing the George Steinbrenner All-Stars in your made-up Grapefruit League games in Florida next March. Oh, and watch out for those slippery outfields - I'd hate for you to sustain a serious injury in something as unimportant as a spring training game...