The Baseball Desert

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Leader Of The Pack

The Schilling-as-closer era is over. Overall, given the options that the Red Sox had and the work Schilling needed to get back on track, it was a move that turned out pretty well. Still, Schilling back in the starting rotation and Timlin (12 earned runs and 60 strikeouts in 60+ innings) as temporary closer is something I feel a little more comfortable with.

*Long, deep sigh of relief (no pun intended)*

In other news, Mark Bellhorn was DFA'd by the Sox today. Despite the fact that I (and a sizeable chunk of Red Sox Nation) had been fairly frustrated with Bellhorn this season, and that Tony G has done a nice job since coming over from the record-setting Royals, it's always sad to see the back of one of the 25.

*Tip of the hat to #12*