The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mirror image

I'm sure that Mrs. Iain would nod her head in agreement if she read this article. The details are slightly different - I became obsessed long after we got married, and I monopolise the PC rather than the TV - but the essence is the same.

Last night I nodded off on the sofa around 10pm, only to wake with a start around 1:15am. Before my brain could begin to form any rational thoughts of actually going to bed, my primeval baseball instinct immediately kicked in and started yelling: "Red Sox playing Tampa Bay! Red Sox playing Tampa Bay!" So I settled in to watch the game on NESN (via MLB.TV), and this is where the article rings true in our household:
In the meantime, I wake at night to find the television on -- extra innings on the West Coast -- and I look forward to the end of the season when my husband's normal personality returns and I get to choose a TV show.
Mrs. Iain came to see why the light was on in the living-room at 2am and found me staring miserably at the wrong end of a 5-0 scoreline. The exchange went something like this:

Mrs. Iain: It's after 2 - what're you doing?
Iain: Erm, watching the Red Sox.
Mrs. Iain: But it's a Tuesday night in August - don't you usually watch those early-morning games only in October?
Iain: Usually, yeah, but it's the, erm, Devil Rays.
Mrs. Iain: ...??
Iain: Big game - we need to beat these guys.
Mrs. Iain: OK, well, goodnight.
Iain: G'night. See you... later.

And so I stuck it out, to the not-so-bitter end at sometime after 4am. I'm falling asleep at the keyboard here, but hey - we won!

Obsession: not just a fragrance by Calvin Klein.