The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Not The Same

If anybody had any doubt that the use of steroids (and the accusations of use) are a major embarrassment to Major League Baseball, and that MLB still has no real idea how to deal with the fallout, I suggest we play a little game. It's like those games you find in kids' magazines, where you have to find the six differences between two almost identical images, except in this instance, it's two game reports:

Report #1: ESPN.
Report #2:

See any difference?

Well, the box scores are identical, as are the winning and losing pitchers, but the second report makes you wonder if Bill Ladson was at the same game as the AP reporter. According to the AP (and Thomas Boswell, who suggested that it was almost as big a story as the game itself) there was open hostility to Bonds and nasty signs all over the ballpark, but I challenge you to find either of those things mentioned anywhere in the report.

Bonds would like us all just to leave him alone - he says Congress has other things to worry about (hmmm, how convenient...) - but he shouldn't worry, because Major League Baseball has already embarked on a cover-up that would give Richard Nixon a run for his money.

It's one of those days that makes you proud to be a fan of this great game...