The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The ones that you love lead you nowhere

Right now I feel like the submissive partner in some twisted, not-good-for-your-mental-health relationship. Every day I spend far more time than I should analysing my relationship with my significant other, worrying about how they're doing, what I might have done to upset them, how long their temperamental spell of meanness is going to last. And every night, I deprive myself of sleep to come crawling back on my hands and knees, apologising for the things I'd said or thought or even just thought about saying, only to get slapped in the face once again.

Apparently, my significant other is fine:
"We're fine," Boston first baseman Kevin Millar said. "One thing we don't do is panic. One thing we don't do is get negative. We believe in each other ... pick each other up. That's all you can do."
I'm not panicking, but it would be nice to for them to back up their whispered sweet nothings with the occasional show of affection. I'm not asking for the impossible - just a win here and there would be enough.