The Baseball Desert

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Words of wisdom

Kristen has a few, erm, words of encouragement for the Red Sox.

This cracked me up:
Manuelito: I'm not sure who you think you're fooling with your disappearing outfielder act but we ARE going to notice if there's a $20 million hole in left field who becomes a black hole of suck at the plate. Dude, you are Manny Freakin' Ramirez. You do know this, right? You can't just...go away. This is not Colorado. We are paying attention. For the love of Teletubbies and gummy bears, start hitting the goddamn ball. Sheeet.
"This is not Colorado. We are paying attention": Red Sox Nation, distilled into a single killer line.

Well, Manny came up in the bottom of the tenth last night with the game tied at 2, one out and the bases loaded. He didn't start hitting the goddam ball - instead, he let the goddam ball hit him. A walk-off HBP. Not sexy, but it's one win closer to the Promised Land.