The Baseball Desert

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Staying Alive

If anyone ever tries to tell you that the greatest sport in the world is something other than baseball, they're lying. In no other sport can the end result of 170 games come down to one moment of glory and anguish.

Was I the only person out there who felt really uncomfortable as FOX started rolling the end-of-Busch-Stadium and birth-of-the-Astros footage in the top of the ninth? I don't believe in curses, but I can imagine that as the first two hitters were retired Houston fans were thinking "Stop showing this stuff - we haven't won anything yet!" and St. Louis fans were thinking "We know all this - what the hell good does it do to show us again?".

So a word to FOX - by all means, put the whole thing in its broader context, but please do it after the fact, and not whilst the crucial top of the ninth is in progress. Moments of pure, undiluted tension such as these are rare and wonderful enough not to need additional commentary. Let them unfold, and history will take care of the rest.